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Alex Oliveira
Seafood Specialist

Associate Professor, UAF

Phone: 907.486.1530
Fax: 907.486.1540

Marine Advisory Program
Kodiak Seafood and Marine Science Center
118 Trident Way
Kodiak, AK 99615


Fisheries Chemistry • Seafood Processing and Engineering • Seafood Science and Technology

Professional activities are centered around topics of interest to the Alaska seafood industry, and include teaching HACCP and Better Process Control School, and organization and delivery of hands-on workshops in smoking and preservation of seafood products. I provide technical support to Alaska seafood industry members in seafood quality and composition, and processing of fishery products and byproducts. Research focus is in analytical seafood chemistry, seafood quality and processing, product development, utilization of fishery byproducts, and marine lipids and fish oils.




Current Research Projects

Publications and Professional Experience

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