Improving the Energy Efficiency of Alaska Seafood Processing Plants

After labor costs, utility bills often are the biggest expense for a seafood processor. Alaska Sea Grant Marine Advisory Program (MAP), in partnership with the Alaska Energy Authority (AEA) and UAF’s Institute of Northern Engineering (INE), is assisting the Alaska seafood industry to better understand the use of energy in their plants, identify energy conservation and efficiency opportunities, and increase savings.

Project services include:

Audits began during the 2010 summer season with two salmon processing plants in Southcentral Alaska. More recently, two more energy audits were conducted in Kodiak during the 2011 cod and pollock season. Other species processing system audits (e.g., crab, pollock, etc.) were conducted during the summer of 2011 in Unalaska/Dutch Harbor and the Alaska Peninsula.

DIY Audit Kits - Do-it-yourself audit kits are now available. Contact Chuck Crapo for more information.

For more information

If interested in participating in this project, please contact Chuck Crapo at 907-486-1515 or or Torie Baker at 907-424-7542 or

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