Marine Recreation and Tourism

Two kayakers on the water Kayakers paddle through Kachemak Bay.



Alaska Boater's Handbook - Prince William Sound Supplement and Kachemak Bay Supplement

(PDF Download available - Office of Boating Safety - State of Alaska Department of Natural Resources, Division of Parks and Outdoor Recreation)

What You Need to know about Recreational Vessel Insurance [pdf; 80kb]

Finding a Seasonal Job on Alaska's Waters [pdf; 107kb]

Tips for Photographers, birders, and Wildlife Viewers on Guided Trips [pdf;2.6mb]

Impediments and Opportunities in Tourism Development in Southwest Alaska [pdf;164kb]

Preventing and Treating Seasickness [pdf; 179kb]

Clean Boating for Alaskans [pdf;840kb]

Taming Mal de Mer [pdf; 2.1mb]



Prospects for Toursim Business Development in Southwest Alaska [pdf; 6mb]

Marine Recreation and Tourism in Alaska [pdf;1.3mb]

Cruising the Alaska Peninsula and the Southeast Bering Sea [pdf; 7.5mb]

Outfitting and Planning to Cruise the Coast [pdf; 3.2mb]

Preventing Seasickness [pdf; 3.25mb]

Lessons Learned from a Marine Ecotourism Business [pdf;64kb]

Providing Customer Satisfaction in Alaska Marine Tourism [pdf; 1.4mb]

Sharing the Waters- Responsible Marine Wildlife Viewing for Kayakers [pdf; 3mb]

Sharing our Waters with Wildlife - Marine Wildlife Viewing in Alaska [pdf; 4.2mb]

Alaska's Sport Fisheries [pdf; 1mb]

The Walrus and I [pdf; 2.4mb]

Getting the Best Deal on Charterboat Insurance [pdf;800kb]


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