Gulf Apex Predator-Prey Project
Kodiak Seafood and Marine Science Center
University of Alaska Fairbanks • School of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences • Kodiak, Alaska

Gulf Apex Predator-Prey Project

The goal of the Gulf Apex Predator-Prey Project (GAP) is to better understand predator-prey interactions in the western Gulf of Alaska as they relate to the decline of the western stock of Steller sea lions.

This website was created for laypeople and scientists alike. We invite you to explore the site to learn about the wide variety of GAP projects and how they have evolved since GAP began in 1999. Here you will find detailed information on the integrated components of GAP, including the suite of species and methodologies that have been used to explore the Kodiak marine ecosystem.


Dana WrightGAP welcomes new graduate student!


The GAP project is pleased to welcome Dana Wright as a master’s student. Dana comes to the project after receiving a B.S. in Marine and Aquatic Sciences from the University of Maine in May 2012. During her tenure at UM, she received a prestigious NOAA National Hollings Scholarship in 2010 and was also Division I swimmer.  Dana’s project will be to revise and update abundance estimates of humpback whales around Kodiak Island while also exploring fine scale differences in their stable isotope signatures.

Dana's student profile