Publications and Presentations

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Fishermen's Direct Marketing Manual (2005 edition)

Fishbiz Brochure [PDF; 295K]

Business Resource Guide for Alaska Fishermen

Common Mistakes in HACCP (set of 7 fact sheets)

How to Make a Directed Transfer of your Fishing Business (Bookstore)

Planning Seafood Cold Storage (Bookstore)

Quality is in Your Hands: Salmon Skiff Fishermen (DVD - Bookstore)

Tips for Direct Marketers - The Onboard DEC Inspection [PDF; 249K]

PowerPoint Slideshows

What Happens to Fish as it Freezes Powerpoint [220K] PDF [484K]

Small Vessel Freezing Systems Powerpoint [2.9M] PDF [988K]

Regulations Governing Freezing Onboard Powerpoint [124K] PDF [232K]

From Water to Market: A Guide to Permits and Procedures powerpoint [1.2M]

Produced by Tim Sands, Area Management Biologist, Westside Salmon & Togiak District Herring; and Charlotte Westing, Assistant Area Management Biologist, Togiak District Salmon & Herring

Catcher/Seller Tips PDF [264K]

Yukon Quality Salmon PDF [1.2M]