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Marketing and Direct Marketing

Basic Startup Guide for the Direct Market Fisherman (ASG-51) [PDF; 444 kb]
Information for fishermen on how to get started in direct marketing. 6 pp.

Tips for Managing Yearly Fishing Income (ASG-54) [PDF; 482 kb]
Publication on organizing your year-end financial management and saving for the future, 4 pp.

Fishermen's Direct Marketing Manual (MAB-53) [PDF; 1.8mb]
Manual on how fishermen can direct-market their seafood catch. 96 pp.

Tips for Direct Marketers: The Onboard DEC Inspection (ASG-45)
Show the inspector that your small-boat processor is squeaky clean. 6 pp.

Calculating Profitability for a Direct Marketing Operation (ASG-47)
Fishermen learn how to calculate whether directing marketing would be profitable, 12 pp.

Tips for Direct Marketers: The Onboard DEC Inspection (ASG-45)
Show the inspector that your small-boat processor is squeaky clean. 6 pp.

The Fish Entrepreneur - Vol.1, 2007 [PDF; 855kb]

The Fish Entrepreneur - Vol.2, 2008 [PDF; 1.1mb]

Business Management

The Business of Fishing: Managing Finances (ASG-46) [PDF; 504kb]
Publication on bookkeeping and accounting for fishermen. 12 pp

Buying Insurance for Your Charterboat (ASG-35)
Article on optimum insurance coverage for charterboats. 6 pp.

Tracking Your Money: A Quick Guide for Alaska’s Skiff Fisherman and Catcher-Seller (ASG-50)
Bulletin encourages skiff fishermen to keep business records. 2 pp.

Trading Up, Saving Taxes (ASG-32) [PDF; 240kb]
How to defer capital gains taxes on the sale of a boat or permit. 4 pp.

Fishing Vessel Insurance—How Much Is Enough? (ASG-34) [PDF; 252kb]
Has key information for boat operators about marine insurance policies. 8 pp.

Financial Statements and Business Calculations for Commercial Fishermen, & Alaska Fish Business Plan (data CD) (MAB-58)
Spreadsheets customized for your fishing business.

Developing Cooperatives for the Alaska Seafood Industry (MAB-61) [PDF; 984kb]
How to form a seafood cooperative to improve your business edge. 45 pp.

Business Resource Guide for Alaska Fishermen (MAB-57) [PDF; 996kb]
Contact information useful to Alaska seafood businesses. 56 pp.

Self-Insurance Programs for the Commercial Fishing Industry (MAB-31)
Guide to self-insuring a fishing vessel. 34 pp.

Charting New Courses for Alaska Salmon Fisheries: The Legal Waters (M-28) [PDF; 2.65mb]
Attorneys describe legality of salmon fishery restructuring. 12 pp.

Who Has the Legal Right to Fish? Constitutional and Common Law in Alaska Fisheries Management (MAB-49) [pdf; 153kb]
Tells why government and tribes have authority for fish management and taking. 28 pp.

How to Make a Directed Transfer of your Fishing Business (MAB-59) [PDF; 3.3mb]
Booklet on transferring a fishing business to family or others. 48 pp.

Alaska Boating Fuel Efficiency Resources

Seafood Processing

Common Mistakes in HACCP (set of 7 fact sheets)


Business Tools and Resources [pdf; 3.5mb]

Business Management and Marketing Considerations [pdf; 1.8mb]

Preparing for a Career in the Marine Industries [pdf; 2.5mb]

What Happens to Fish as it Freezes Powerpoint [220K] PDF [484K]

Small Vessel Freezing Systems Powerpoint [2.9M] PDF [988K]

Regulations Governing Freezing Onboard Powerpoint [124K] PDF [232K]

From Water to Market: A Guide to Permits and Procedures powerpoint [1.2M]

Produced by Tim Sands, Area Management Biologist, Westside Salmon & Togiak District Herring; and Charlotte Westing, Assistant Area Management Biologist, Togiak District Salmon & Herring

Catcher/Seller Tips PDF [264K]

Yukon Quality Salmon PDF [1.2M]