Meetings & Workshops

Kodiak Area Marine Science Symposium 2014

April 22–26, 2014
Kodiak, Alaska
Contact: Julie Matweyou

7th Western Alaska Interdisciplinary Science Conference and Forum (2014)

Science of a Cold Place in a Warming World
April 24–26, 2014
Kotzebue, Alaska
Contact: Dr. Anshul Pandya

HACCP – Kodiak

May 6–7, 2014
Kodiak, Alaska
Contact: Chris Sannito

Fisheries Bycatch: Global Issues and Creative Solutions

29th Lowell Wakefield Fisheries Symposium
May 13–16, 2014
Anchorage, Alaska
Contact: Symposium coordinator

Smoking Alaska Seafood for Fun and Profit

August 20–22, 2014
Kodiak, Alaska
Contact: Alex Oliveira

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About our symposia, conferences and workshops

Alaska Sea Grant supports public meetings on marine and coastal issues important to residents of Alaska, the Pacific Northwest, the United States and the international community. Above are current Alaska Sea Grant–sponsored meetings. Also see our archives of past meetings.

For more information on our meetings, contact us at or phone (907) 474-6701.

Alaska Sea Grant publishes proceedings of many of these meetings. We have complete information on all Wakefield proceedings, and more about the Wakefield series. Our Marine Research and Proceedings catalog includes available proceedings from Wakefield and other meetings.

The Marine Advisory Program also holds conferences and workshops on a variety of topics; please visit their workshops web page for more information, or contact them at, (907) 274-9691.

Ongoing workshops and lectures

from the Marine Advisory Program

HACCP Training

Learn how to monitor seafood processing operations using the HACCP program regulation guidelines.

Smoking Seafood for Fun and Profit

These workshops are for anyone interested in smoking and processing fish, including home fish-smoking enthusiasts, small smokehouse operators, fishermen interested in direct marketing their fish, and commercial operators.

Complete listing of current and past Marine Advisory Program workshops