2008 Alaska Coastal Calendar

2008 Alaska Coastal Calendar

International Polar Year edition—more than just a calendar


Packed with great information that extends far beyond the calendar year, this gorgeous, full-color, 16-month calendar marks the International Polar Year (IPY) and examines the impact of climate change in Alaska. Informative narratives, color illustrations, and graphics highlight research being done by scientists to understand the Arctic's changing climate and what global warming might mean for the land, sea, atmosphere, and the wildlife and human inhabitants of the Last Frontier.

Use it as a teaching tool in the classroom, a reference, an IPY collector's item, etc. Enjoy the stunning images of Alaska's amazing coastal wildlife, breathtaking scenery, and hardy people as you learn about the Arctic's changing climate. It's more than just a calendar.

What others say

"One can learn so much about a great variety of fascinating aspects of the Arctic from this calendar." —Syun Akasofu, Founding Director, International Arctic Research Center

"This beautiful calendar provides critical insights into our climate and the implications of global warming. It is a significant resource."—Deborah Williams, Alaska Conservation Solutions

"Once again, Alaska Sea Grant has produced a quality calendar that is not only informative but is filled with stunning imagery. It's a pleasure to see this publication recognizing the International Polar Year and the exciting contributions it will make to Alaska and the world."—Buck Sharpton, Vice Chancellor for Research, University of Alaska Fairbanks

"Photographs often tell us Earth's best stories. This Alaska Coastal Calendar combines useful information with extraordinary images and, in doing so, conveys the scale and scope of Alaska's coastal environments and the far-reaching impacts of change in the arctic region."—Wendy Warnick, Executive Director, Arctic Research Consortium of the U.S. (ARCUS)

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