Table of Contents:
Fishery Stock Assessment Models for the 21st Century

Keynote Address

Living Marine Resource Assessment for the 21st Century: What Will Be Needed and How Will It Be Provided?

Keith Sainsbury

Data Issues and Model Specification

Evaluation of the Status of Fisheries Data Collection and Stock Assessment Problems in São Paulo, Southeastern Brazil

Maria de los Angeles Gasalla and Acácio Ribeiro Gomes Tomás

Evaluation of CPUE Estimates for the 1995 Crab Fisheries of the Bering Sea and Aleutian Islands Based on Observer Data

Laurence C. Byrne and Douglas Pengilly

Catch and Effort Analysis with Uncertain Stock and Effort Dynamics: Southern Bluefin Tuna Longline

Robert Campbell

Stock Production Models of Blue Marlin and White Marlin in the Atlantic Ocean: A Case History

Christopher D. Jones, Eric D. Prince, Gerald P. Scott, and Mark I. Farber

Evaluation of Multiple Survey Indices in Assessment of Black Sea Bass from the U.S. South Atlantic Coast

Douglas S. Vaughan, Boxian Zhao, Mark R. Collins, John C. McGovern, and H. Scott Meister

An Index for Weighting Results in Catch-at-Age Models Based on Diagnostic Tests for Lack of Fit

T. Polacheck, K.A. Haskard, N. Klaer, A. Betlehem, and A. Preece

An Integrated Assessment of Southern Blue Whiting (Micromesistius australis) from New Zealand Using Separable Sequential Population Analysis

Stuart Hanchet, Vivian Haist, and Dave Fournier

Statistics, Software, and Fish Stock Assessment

Jon T. Schnute, Laura J. Richards, and Norm Olsen

A Statistical Framework for Analysis of Limit Reference Points

Laura J. Richards, Jon T. Schnute, and Norm Olsen

Joint Time Series Analysis of Catch-at-Age and CPUE Data

Gudmundur Gudmundsson

Dynamics of a Migratory Fish Population with Applications to the Management of Sablefish

Jonathan Heifetz and Terrance J. Quinn II

Stock Assessment of Gemfish (Rexea solandri) in Eastern Australia Using Maximum Likelihood and Bayesian Methods

Anthony D.M. Smith and André E. Punt

Forecast Methods for Inseason Management of the Southeast Alaska Chinook Salmon Troll Fishery

Jerome J. Pella, Michele M. Masuda, and D.G. Chen

A Monte Carlo Evaluation of the Stock Synthesis Assessment Program

David B. Sampson and Yanshui Yin

Fuzzy Regression in Fisheries Science: Some Methods and Applications

Saul B. Saila and Scott Ferson

Evaluation of Assumed Error Structure in Stock Assessment Models That Use Sample Estimates of Age Composition

Paul R. Crone and David B. Sampson

A Parametric Bootstrap of Catch-Age Compositions Using the Dirichlet Distribution

Erik H. Williams and Terrance J. Quinn II

Some Intrinsic Limitations of Sample Variances in Stock Assessment Models

Clay E. Porch

Diagnosing Systematic Errors in Reported Fishery Catch

Stratis Gavaris and Lutgarde Van Eeckhaute

Model Misspecification or Data Bias: The Assessment of Prince Rupert Herring

Jacob F. Schweigert

A Stochastic Implementation of an Age-Structured Production Model

Victor R. Restrepo and Christopher M. Legault

When Lengths Are Better Than Ages: The Complex Case of Bocaccio

Stephen Ralston and James N. Ianelli

Integrated Catch-Age Mark-Recapture Model: Application to B.C. Sablefish Stocks

Vivian Haist

Integrating Ecosystem Studies: A Bayesian Comparison of Hypotheses

Milo D. Adkison, Brenda Ballachey, James Bodkin, and Leslie Holland-Bartels

Assessment of Southeast Alaska Pink Salmon Abundance Based on Commercial Catch and Effort and Sex Ratio Data

Jie Zheng and Ole A. Mathisen

Stage-Structured and Size-Based Applications

Progress and Problems in the Application of Management Procedures to South Africa's Major Fisheries

José A.A. De Oliveira, Douglas S. Butterworth, and Susan J. Johnston

A Length-Based Population Model for Hard-to-Age Invertebrate Populations

Terrance J. Quinn II, Clive T. Turnbull, and Caihong Fu

Coping with a Challenging Stock Assessment Situation: The Kamishak Bay Sac-Roe Herring Fishery

Edward O. Otis, William R. Bechtol, and Wesley A. Bucher

Abundance Estimation of St. Matthew Island Blue King Crabs Using Survey and Commercial Catch and Effort Data

J. Zheng, M.C. Murphy, and G.H. Kruse

Using Multiple Data Sets to Assess Red King Crab in Norton Sound, Alaska: Length-Based Stock Synthesis

Jie Zheng, Gordon H. Kruse, and Lowell Fair

Treatment of Data and Model Uncertainties in the Assessment of Southern Bluefin Tuna Stocks

Tom Polacheck, Ann Preece, Andrew Betlehem, and Neil Klaer

Virtual Population Analysis with the Adjoint Method

M.J. Huiskes

Examination of a Length-Based Population Analysis

Takashi Matsuishi

Ocean Ecosystems

Incorporation of Predation into a Population Assessment Model of Eastern Bering Sea Walleye Pollock

Patricia A. Livingston and Richard D. Methot

Problems with an Environmental-Based Recruitment Index: Examples from a New Zealand Snapper Assessment (Pagrus auratus)

Mark N. Maunder

Cross-Validation of Trophic Level Estimates from a Mass-Balance Model of Prince William Sound Using 15N/14N Data

Thomas C. Kline Jr. and Daniel Pauly

Calculating Capelin Consumption by Icelandic Cod Using a Spatially Disaggregated Simulation Model

Höskuldur Björnsson

Spatial Analysis of Fish Distribution and Abundance Patterns: A GIS Approach

Anthony J. Booth

Comparing Different Information Sources in a Multispecies Context

Gunnar Stefánsson

Rapid Appraisal of the Status of Fisheries for Small Pelagics Using Multivariate, Multidisciplinary Ordination

Tony Pitcher, Steven Mackinson, Marcelo Vasconcellos, Leif Nøttestad, and David Preikshot

Development of a Simple Biomass Analysis Model

Rex Baleña

Multivariate Interdisciplinary Assessment of Small-Scale Tropical Fisheries

David Preikshot and Daniel Pauly

Mass-Balance Food Web Ecosystem Models as an Alternative Approach for Combining Multiple Information Sources in Fisheries

Daniel Pauly, Johanne Dalsgaard, Thomas A. Okey, Robert Powell, and Stuart Pimm

Harvest Policy

Estimates of Shrimp Trawl Bycatch of Red Snapper (Lutjanus campechanus) in the Gulf of Mexico

B.J. Gallaway, M. Longnecker, J.G. Cole, and R.M. Meyer

A Summary of Assessment Information for Managing Alaska Groundfish Stocks

Jane DiCosimo

Harvest Control for Schooling Fish Stocks under Cyclic Oceanographic Regimes: A Case for Precaution and Gathering Auxiliary Information

Marcelo Vasconcellos and Tony Pitcher

Implications of a Bayesian Approach for Simulating Salmon Population Dynamics

Ryan A. Hill and Brian J. Pyper

In Search of a New Approach to Fisheries Management in the Middle Amazon Region

Victoria J. Isaac, Mauro L. Ruffino, and David McGrath

From Fisheries Assessment Uncertainty to Risk Analysis for Immediate Management Actions

Stratis Gavaris and Alan Sinclair

Consistency of Stock Assessment and Evaluation of Fisheries Management for European Fish Stocks, 1983–1995

D. Gascuel, G. Fontenelle, C. Maguer, and A. Biseau

A General Approach for Making Short-Term Stochastic Projections from an Age-Structured Fisheries Assessment Model

Jon Brodziak, Paul Rago, and Ramon Conser

A Simulation Study of the Effects of Aging Error and Sample Size on Sustained Yield Estimates

Lewis G. Coggins Jr. and Terrance J. Quinn II

The Effects of Artisanal Fisheries on Penaeid Shrimp Stocks in the Gulf of Mexico

Adolfo Gracia and Ana Rosa Vázquez Bader

Fisheries Management Based on Reproductive Potential: An Example for Chub Mackerel

Toshio Katsukawa and Yoshiharu Matsumiya

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