Responses of Arctic Marine Ecosystems to Climate Change

Responses of Arctic Marine Ecosystems to Climate Change

Franz J. Mueter, Danielle M.S. Dickson, Henry P. Huntington, James R. Irvine, Elizabeth A. Logerwell, Stephen A. MacLean, Lori T. Quakenbush, and Cheryl Rosa (editors)

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This proceedings volume advances our understanding of responses of arctic marine ecosystems to climate change, by documenting and forecasting likely changes in environmental processes and the responses of species to those changes. Contributions focus on understanding and managing living marine resources in a changing Arctic, and managing human responses to changing arctic marine ecosystems.

The Arctic Ocean and its adjacent seas are undergoing rapid environmental changes, most notably in the extent and duration of sea ice cover. Changes in the abundance and spatial distribution of some fish, birds, and mammals have been documented, but whether subarctic species will expand into the Arctic and how arctic species will respond to an extended ice-free season is highly uncertain.

New chapters are released as they are peer-reviewed and completed. More coming soon!

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