About Alaska Sea Grant

Who we are and what we do

Alaska Sea Grant supports coastal communities through research, education, and extension. Our program is funded by the University of Alaska Fairbanks and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) with support from Alaska partners.

We support marine and coastal research, provide education and extension services, and distribute information about Alaska's seas and coasts. To learn more about our activities across the state, see our 2013 Annual Report [PDF; 1.3 MB] or our Marine Advisory Program regional highlights.

Who we do this for

We provide funding to scientific researchers and graduate students. Our Marine Advisory Program is for fishermen, boat operators, coastal residents, tour guides, the seafood industry, and pretty much anyone else who makes a living from or enjoys the waters of Alaska. We produce and distribute a variety of publications for the general public, K–12 educators, fishermen, and others. And (of course) we also publish the results of Sea Grant–sponsored research.

Our scientists, marine advisory agents, resource specialists, and communicators are dedicated to understanding how our marine ecosystem works, finding ways to benefit from and maintain the bounty of our beautiful seas and coasts, and passing that knowledge on to you.

We are assisted by an advisory committee that represents a broad spectrum of agencies and private industry throughout Alaska.

Who does what, and where

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